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Last Updated: 1/17/09

Creation Scientists

In our section on evolution we have a page on evolutions sceptics. Most, thought not all, of those are NOT young earth creationsists. This page is about those scientists who are young earth creationists. Some are living, some are not. The page is divided into several sections to help you narrow your search.

Pioneers and Founders of Science:

Many of the "Fathers" or founders of modern science were youh earth creationsists. This page lists many fathers of science and also some noteable inventors who were YEC (Young Earth Creationsists).

This web page outlines and has links to specific infomration about many YEC scientists. It is divided into several sections: Modern YEC Scientists, Early Scientists, Scientists in the Age of Newton, Just before Darwin, Just after Darwin and Early Modern Period. There several other sections of interest.

Modern Scientists

The web pages in the previous section also list many contemporaty scientis who are YEC. But here are a few links to some modern scientists: