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Last Updated: 1/17/09

Scientists Skeptical of Evolution - Annotated Bibliography

A LOOOOOOOONG List of Scientists Who Don't Believe in Evolution

There are more and more scientists who disagree - Compiled by Jerry Bergman Ph.D.

Date: 09/29/2008

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Description: It is dangerous to one's career to oppose evolution. You best have tenure or a secure job if you speak out. Here is a long list of those willing to put their name (complete with Ph.D degree) on the line.


From The Darwin Papers - © 1996 by James M. Foard

Date: ??/??/2004

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Description: The idea of Natural Selection was first published by Bible believing Young Earth Creatonist Edward Blyth 25 years before Darwin published Origin of the Species. You can read the full account and see several examples of why natural section cannot cause one kind of creature to become another kind.

A list of intellectuals who doubt Darwinism - With Links!

IDEA - Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center

Date: 10/24/2000

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Description: This is a short list of only 480 names, but there are a few links to articles written by these folks that illustrate why Darwinism is poor theory. You have to look for the good links. Most of the links are simply biographical information. One of the best link is on the ID Explanatory Filter. Don't miss it!


Physicians are starting to speak out

Date: ??/??/20XX

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The list is constantly updated

Description: Subtitle of site - - As medical doctors we are skeptical of the claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the origination and complexity of life and we therefore dissent from Darwinian macroevolution as a viable theory. This does not imply the endorsement of any alternative theory. On the home page they comment on the lack of academic freedom. This is one more indication that the critics of Darwin are becoming more vocal and greater in number.

Thomas Nagel Calls Intelligent Design Scientific and Constitutional

From The C.S. Lewis Society - Nagel is prominent Atheist

Date: ??/??/2008

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Description: Thomas Nagel is a prominent atheist professor of law and philosophy. He says that ID is a legitimate scientific theory. Here are two interesting quotes from the piece: Therefore, Prof. Nagel says, it potentially can be scientific to argue that the data of DNA and life points to an intelligent designer, even if science cannot tell you the identity of the designer or what is going on in the designer's mind. And... Moreover, he goes farther. He reports that the "presently available evidence" comes "nothing close" to establishing "the sufficiency of standard evolutionary mechanisms to account for the entire evolution of life" And... Prof. Nagel says that "some part of the high school curriculum" "should" include "a frank discussion of the relation of evolutionary theory to religion"