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Salvation is a term you hear bantered around a lot. It has a different meaning to different people depending on the context. Here is what it means to a Christian:

1. We are born sinners. That means we automatically will do things displeasing to a Holy God. We sin because we are sinners; we are not sinners because we sin. Note the distinction. We will sin shortly after birth. If we sin just once, we are guilty of violating God's law. Therefore...

2. We have no right to be in the presence of God. He is Holy. He must reject us because we are not perfect. He is our final Judge. If we violate His law in any respect, we are guilty and worthy of death. (This is the ONLY image most people have of the "Christian God.") But read on...

3. God loves EVERY person ever born and wants EVERY person to spend eternity in His presence. He has provided a payment plan for our sin so He can see us as having NO sin.

4. Jesus made the payment for us 2000 years ago. NOBODY else can make the payment. Nobody. He is the only man to ever live who committed NO sin. He is the only person who deserves eternal life. But He was unjustly put to death. By dying, He paid the price for everyone who asks that His payment be applied to them. This is the part that is THE hardest for us independent-thinking Americans: We canNOT earn or make this payment. We are workers. We want to be able to do something to earn the right of spending eternity with God. But, there is nothing we can do. Jesus did it for us because we cannot do it.

5. If we will simply repent (turn away from and ask God to forgive us) of our sin, He says to the Father, "I paid that person's price." We must turn away from violating God's law. Sadly, though we then desire to never sin again, we will. If we are growing in our faith, we will tend to sin less and our sins will be less harsh in nature. We need to confess our recurring sin to God and ask for His forgiveness and the strength to stop sinning. And He gives that forgiveness time and time again.

This is the ultimate freedom! I do not worry about "do's" and "don'ts" because I simply lose my desire to do the things that violate God's law. What FREEDOM that gives me!

The churches are full of sinners! That's right. So many reject this great news because they have seen church-goers commit sin. And it is true. Church-goers sin. The difference between the saved and unsaved is that the saved realize they have sinned and ask God for forgiveness. If you have an expectation that Christians should never sin, you do not have a Biblical view of Christians. Call or email us so we can discuss the glorious life that awaits you in this lifetime and in eternity. info@cryingrocks.org 928-282-2433