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Crying Rocks Ministry

We are Guy and Cindy Forsythe. After ten years of asking God to prepare us for a ministry upon Guy's retirement from teaching in Ohio, we started searching for a place where God might place us. We didn't do any demographic studies. We just traveled to a lot of places and asked God if this is the place. We "stumbled" upon Sedona in the summer of 2001. Over the next two years, God focused on Sedona as the place we were to be. We arrived in June of 2003 and waited for God to show us how we were to minister in Sedona. His response is that we were to simply open our hearts to loving the city, the people and the visitors. He placed a burden on our hearts that there are so many here (this could be said about any town) who have not heard the Good News of Jesus, His Christ, sent to offer the gift of eternity in His presence.

We are using Guy's 20+ years of studying about evolution and creation as a basis for showing that God's Word in the Bible is the true reality for all people. Using that preparation we are distributing Creation News Update each quarter to every home in Sedona, the Village of Oak Creek and Oak Creek Canyon. We hope to also place Creation News Update in hands of as many visitors as possible.

If you would like to help us achieve these goals, please see our donation page. Thanks for reading!