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Intelligent Design (ID) - Annotated Bibliography

The Perfect Starting place --> ID Briefing Packet for Educators

PDF of a Brochure that outlines exactly what the fuss is all about - from the Discovery Institute

Date: ??/??/2007

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Highly recommended

Description: This brochure lays out the mission of the Discovery Institute, the leaders in ID. There is an extensive Q&A on ID and evolution. You will discover such things as their advice to the Dover Schools to NOT try to implement their curriculum that got them in court. It also reviews that court decision. Did you know that the judgment had information taken directly from a brief by the ACLU and that the decision actually has information that is false from that brief but was correct in the transcript of the trial? The brochure also outlines the law in regard to the legality of discussing ID in the classroom.

The Explanatory Filter - The second thing you should read

A three-part filter for understanding how to separate and identify cause from intelligent design - Dembski

Date: ??/??/1996

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

You need to read this!

Description: The ID Explanatory Filter comes under great criticism. In this article, Dembski explains exactly what the filter is and why it is absolutely necessary in law, science and medicine. This is the best explanation I have seen. If you read a criticism somewhere, compare it to this article. The article also gets into why scientists propose an unknowable law of abiogenesis, multiple universes and other ad-hoc just-so stories... it is to try to avoid the explanatory filter. The materialists started building a case against it long before Dembski proposed it because it is obvious in science.

Detecting Design

Naturalism and The Theory of Evolution - Sean D. Pitman, M.D.

Date: 11/xx/2006

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Great site

Description: Dr. Pitman has written many papers on the impossibility of evolution. Here you will get references to solid secular research that show evolution cannot happen. The research shows that design is the only scientifically acceptable explanation.

Access Research Network

Providing accessible information on science, technology, and society from an ID perspective

Date: Daily Updates

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Some links may be very technical

Description: This is the "covers everything" site. It is not limited to just ID science as you see from our tag line above, which we took directly from the site. There are forums, essays, articles, reference to news items and more. It covers the topic of ID very broadly and very specifically as context warrants, LOTS of links to sources of info and news. We especially like this page which is a Frequently Asked Questions regarding ID.

2 Animations of Inside of Cell

1 - ATPase animation with audio 2- Inner life of a cell with audio explanation - Harvard

Date: 07/20/2006

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Amazing animations!

Description: William Paley posited the famous watchmaker analogy of life. If you were walking along and found a watch in a field, you would assume it was designed and made by a watchmaker; it would not come about through natural processes. David Hume said that you cannot compare the two because the inner workings of a cell and the inner workings of a watch are totally different. Hume was wrong. A cell is a factory system of a complexity no human can comprehend. Watch the videos and see short glimpses of why the cell shows more design than a simple watch.

Information, Science and Biology

Start learning about information theory - Werner Gitt @ CMI

Date: ??/??/1996

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Highly recommended basic info

Description: Gitt is a specialist in information. This article will introduce you to Shannon information. Gitt expands Shannon information to make it a more complete look at information. He proposes several theorems of information. This is a must read in starting to understand the principles behind the theory of intelligent design.

Astonishing DNA complexity uncovered

Brief summary of findings by the Human Genome Project in 2003 - Alex Williams @ CMI

Date: 06/20/2007

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

See also: This Boston Globe article

Description: "These results are so astonishing, so shocking, that it is going to take an awful lot more work to untangle what is really going on in cells." That is what one secular researcher said when he saw the progress on the Human Genome Project. One of the discoveries is that there is NO junk DNA. Dawkins, in The Selfish Gene, says that junk DNA is a prediction of evolution. There is a lot more in the article about the latest discoveries in the action of DNA.

Inverted Human Eye a Poor Design?

Is the human eye "poor" design? Read ALL the details here - Jerry Bergman

Date: 03/??/2000

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Description: Opponents of ID try to give examples of what they consider poor design to try to show that there is no "intelligent" designer. Attempting to evaluate design in living creatures as good or bad makes for poor logic. Even a poor design requires an intelligent designer. The human eye has been posited as an example of poor design, and therefore shows there is no designer. This article shows that the human eye is actually excellent design and that many of the assumptions made by the evolutionists are false assumptions when it comes to the ability of the human eye. This article goes into great detail on the design of the human eye. Some may find the details a bit overwhelming, but everyone can see the gist of the argument. If you have heard the human eye arguments from evolutionists, you need to read this rebuttal.

Can ID be tested (can evolution)?

A look at ID - Guy Forsythe, Crying Rocks Ministry

Date: 05/16/2008

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Description: A general, brief explanation is given of Stephen Myer's Specified Complexity and William Dembski's Explanatory Filter. Together they form the basis of Intelligent Design (ID). They are testable and falsifiable. Also offered is an explanation as to why evolution is NOT testable or falsifiable.

Guillermo Gonzalez Tenure Case From "Expelled" the movie

From the blog of William Dembski and others. See links in annotation below.

Date: 12/03/2007

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Description: The opponents of Expelled the movie like to make up stories. You can read their take on Guillermo Gonzalez, coauthor of The Privileged Planet, here. But, it turns out that some newspapers did some investigating and you can read about the results here. Here is a PDF that gives quotes of who wrote what in emails released under the freedom of information act. Gonzalez appealed his denial of tenure to the Iowa State Board of Regents. They refused to allow the emails to be entered into evidence! Academic freedom does not exist in most universities, just as Expelled explained.


Discovery Institute Staff

Date: 11/15/2007

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Description: Via a series of links to articles, the Discovery Instate give the ID side of the evaluation of the Dover, PA trial on teaching ID in the classroom. Everything you wanted to know about the trial can be found here via the links, from what legal experts think of the decision to scientists who disagree with the verdict. Also, experts who contend that the controversy should be taught.

Academic Freedom Expelled from Baylor University

Evolutions News web site by the Discovery Institute

Date: 09/05/2007

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Description: This page describes the dismissal of two researchers from Baylor University. Robert Marks and Francis Beckwith. Evos say it was just a normal thing, but read the story and see. Be sure to visit Marks' web site where he has many quotes that show information is the downfall of evolution.