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Last Updated: 6/15/09

Sedimentation and Fossils

Introduction: It has long been assumed that the layers of the sedimentary strata found in the geological record were laid down slowly. Empirical research is showing that is not the case. We present a detailed look at the evidence below. Please make sure to check every link as you will find documentation and detailed explanations for what we present at those web pages we link. We will be adding to the page regularly.

At this time, we just wanted to get a link in to some video that shows that uniformitarian assumptions about sedimentation are not correct. This presentation is in 4 parts. Watch what happens to uniformitarian assumptions when actually tested experimentally.

Experiments in Stratification, Part 1
Experiments in Stratification, Part 2
Experiments in Stratification, Part 3
Experiments in Stratification, Part 4
Here are all four parts in one video

If this wasn't enough, now experiments show that mudstone (shale) is also deposited in moving water. Ripple marks that were thought to be from waves in calm water (especially shallow seas) have been shown to be from flowing water. The first link is to a web page. The rest of the links are on that web page, but we have put them here for quick reference. We like the studies that say old earth geologists need to reevaluate their dating based on many recent experiments. The third youtube video and the references to science journals make it clear that old earth assumptions are WRONG. ALL of the research shown below was done by secular, old-earth geologists working at a secular state university.

First we present abstracts of papers published in science journals:

On the Accumulation of Mud

Accretion of Mudstone Beds from Migrating Floccule Ripples

Bedload transport of mud by floccule ripples—Direct observation of ripple migration processes and their implications

which are based on these videos from the University of Indiana:

IU Flume Mud Ripple - Part 1

IU Flume Mud Ripple - Part 2

IU Flume Mud Ripple - Part 3

IU Flume Mud Ripple - Version 2

And here is the best part. The very first book on flood geology, "The Genesis Flood," PREDICTED these findings in in advance in 1961.


More great videos on sedimentation can be found here. The more sedimentation is investigated, the more we see that moving water is the source of almost all sedimentation that occurs. And the moving water does a fabulous job of sorting material, giving the strata lines we see everywhere.