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Last Updated: 4/19/09

Polls on public acceptance of evolution / creation

Introduction: Lots of polls are taken by Gallup, Barna and others. Below are several links to polls. Most of the pages summarize polls and link to the actual poll and/or data.

First is a tracking chart from Gallup showing views on the creation / evolution of man. Tracks percentages form 1982 to 2008. Many of the questions and breakdowns are given. Lots of links to various related polls are provided on the right side of the page.

Second is a poll from the Discovery Institute. It looks at conservatives, liberals, college grads and other aspects usually not found in polls from large polling organizations regarding academic freedom related to creation and evolution. You will be surprised when you see the data of the poll. We were.

Third is a page linking to many different polls related to teaching weaknesses of evolution or ID or creation science in the public schools.

Fourth is a page linking to many different polls related to public opinion on heaven, hell, angels, creation, and other related things.

Once you see all the polls, you have to wonder. It is just a small minority of people who are hammering the rest of us demanding that Darwinism not be challenged. It is time to strike back. It won't take many of us meeting the atheists head to head at board meetings of state school boards and other places where the topic of Darwinism is being discussed as part of public policy.