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Last Updated: 5/23/08

Mutations - Annotated Bibliography

Many of the evidences of the limits of natural selection

Mutations - Dr. Gary Parker @ AIG

Date: 04/09/2008

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi

Excellent overview

Description: There are many assumptions evolutionists make regarding how one kind of creature can become another via mutation and selection. This article summaries, in some detail, why actual research shows it cannot happen. Topics include: probabilities, the fact that mutations are negative in effect rather than positive, a government study that resulting in the conclusion that creation is the only scientific answer, the real relationship of sickle-cell anemia with natural selection, and genetic load. Enough detail and research is presented to make complete arguments without becoming overly technical. An excellent article.

The Changing Human Genome: Implications for Disease and Evolution

The Effects of mutations, particularly deletions

Date: 12/05/2007

Technical Level: Low 1-2-3-4-5 Hi


Description: The lecturer is talking to future doctors about mutations, particularly insertions and delections. At the end he proposes that this can lead to evolution, but all examples are of diseases.