Understanding the Big Bang Page last updated: Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Bang is the dominate model for the beginning of the universe. It gives an age for the universe of about 13.7 billion years. What happens after the initial bang reaches temperatures cool enough to condense into matter becomes a matter of chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics and relativity. Explaining how the first stars came to be is a major problem. You can find out more about this and other problems the big bang has on our Big Bang Problems page. Once you get the first stars, there is little difference between the creation science explanation of what is going on and how the big bang scientists explain what is going on. We give some of the differences on our White Hole, Young Earth Creation Science Cosmology page.

This page is links to help you understand the Big Bang. We do not link to problems on this page, only explanation of the thinking of Big Bang cosmologists.

You may find some contradictory "facts" as you browse the pages. There is a good reason for this. Ten years ago, the general thinking was that the universe is bounded, finite in size and curved. Today, most cosmologists are thinking that the universe is unbounded, infinite and flat... except that spacetime is curved. If you don't understand what we have just written, start browsing the links below. We have attempted to put them in an order that will walk you through your understanding of the Big Bang.

Basic concepts and definitions - Follow the links for full info - Good starting place
Here are several links from the page above:

What's this flat & curved stuff?
Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Composition of the universe
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation - CMB
Inflation and some problems it solves
How did first structures (stars) form? Good question with few good answers
Pictures of the CMB

Wikipedia page on Big Bang - you can lose HOURS following these links! :-)

Size of the Universe

All about Galaxies

You need to understand relativity if you want to fully understand the Big Bang:

Explanation of relativity that is very simple and easy to understand

Explanation of Relativity - This page will hurt your brain, but it covers the details

Clearing up some commonly misunderstood concepts & facts (rather advanced)